It Was Cloudy at the Summit

summitThere have already been a few posts about the 2013 PASS Summit and I decided I had better get my experiences down “on paper” before they fade from memory.

This was my first time attending the Super Bowl of SQL gatherings and I made the most of it. I got in on Sunday night and headed straight over to the registration. I have had a pretty active SQL Life over the last year and even though I have not been to the Summit before I immediately ran into people I haven’t seen since a random SQL Saturday ago (probably in April, because weren’t they all in April this year?). In addition I started meeting people who I only knew from the Twitterverse. I can’t remember all of the people I saw and met that first night. However, I do know that I waited in line for a while with Jes Borland (B|T), Ed Leighton-Dick (B|T), Mike Fal (B|T), and David Klee (B|T) because they had it up on the big screen for me a couple of days later. If PASS Summit is the super bowl then I have to say it was pretty cool to be up on the Jumbotron, if only for a few seconds.

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