It Was Cloudy at the Summit

summitThere have already been a few posts about the 2013 PASS Summit and I decided I had better get my experiences down “on paper” before they fade from memory.

This was my first time attending the Super Bowl of SQL gatherings and I made the most of it. I got in on Sunday night and headed straight over to the registration. I have had a pretty active SQL Life over the last year and even though I have not been to the Summit before I immediately ran into people I haven’t seen since a random SQL Saturday ago (probably in April, because weren’t they all in April this year?). In addition I started meeting people who I only knew from the Twitterverse. I can’t remember all of the people I saw and met that first night. However, I do know that I waited in line for a while with Jes Borland (B|T), Ed Leighton-Dick (B|T), Mike Fal (B|T), and David Klee (B|T) because they had it up on the big screen for me a couple of days later. If PASS Summit is the super bowl then I have to say it was pretty cool to be up on the Jumbotron, if only for a few seconds.

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SQL Saturday Fargo, Don’ cha know

I have been to three SQL Saturdays in April and each one was great, but because I have been so busy I haven’t had much time to reflect on things. I’m not sure May is going to any less busy, but I wanted to get some thoughts down about SQL Saturday #175, because it is sure to be legendary. It was the first SQL Saturday in North Dakota and hopefully the spark for the a user group in Fargo. To accommodate the need for a quick post and the desire to document this experience I am going to resort to the time tested internet format – the top 10 list.

Top 10 Things That Were Awesome About SQL Saturday Fargo

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What I Learned, SQL Saturday #118 Madison (Part 3)

I learned quite a few things at SQL Saturday. I learned that presenting can be fun, there is some great beer in Madison, reporting services still loves me and I can get rid of all those extra pages, Bill is a real Scotsman, Erika cheats at WordsWithFriends (SQL Edition), I don’t know anything about SQL Merge Replication, road construction is a universal truth, being normal is a good thing (but not too normal), there is a long line for breakfast at Mickies Dairy Bar, and mostly I learned that the folks in Madison put on a great event. Continue reading

Prequel Saturday, SQL Saturday #118 in Madison (Part 1)

When I sat down to write about SQL Saturday #118 I quickly realized it would be about many things. It’s about a road trip. It’s about public speaking. It’s about #SQLFamily and new friends. It’s about cows, kilts, and beer. And it is, of course, about SQL. I am going to split things up a little and this post is mostly about the #SQLFamily. If you don’t want to hear me gush about all of the cool people I met the day before SQL Saturday then you can probably skip this post and read about What I learned at SQLSAT118 or My First Time presenting in the posts that follow. I confess that this post is mostly for me, but if you haven’t been part of a SQL Saturday it might also help you understand a large part of what they are about. Sure there is great training, but there is also great people. Continue reading

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2

As the tagline of the blog suggests, I am still learning. I am smart and able to solve problems quickly, but my knowledge of SQL Server is entirely self-taught. I have never sat in a classroom learning about SQL Server, but I read a lot and I’m the master of the Google search. I learn quickly and I am a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for both SQL Server 2008 Database Development and SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance, but there are gaps in my knowledge. Also there are some things you only learn by doing. While I learn new things every day in my job as a Database Developer  this year I decided I would also pick a book and work my way through it Continue reading