Facing Facts About Facebook

My direct answer to this months question of managing mixing work, friends, and family on Facebook is simple. I don’t mix them.

I lead a divided online life. I have my work life, SQL Server, Twitter friends, work friends, and work blogs that I follow. I also have a Facebook account that I use to follow and share things with my family and non-work friends. Sometimes they overlap a little, but for the most part I keep them separate. I am not Facebook friends with any one that I work with. I will sometimes share things about my work life on Facebook, but only if I think it will interest people (or I am trying to promote my blog.)

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Are You Missing LinkedIn?

I’m late to the game with Meme15, but when I saw this month was going to be about LinkedIn I was glad to join in on the conversation.  In my experience LinkedIn is sort of the step-child of the social media world; the slightly standoffish, well-behaved step child who has a really good job. Which is what LinkedIn is about, jobs and careers. It is the place to be for professional networking and I lived there 24/7 for a couple of weeks back in October 2011 after getting laid off. Continue reading