Ready for the RAID

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2, Chapter 5

Storage Design Considerations – by Denny Cherry (B|T)

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the chapters on design, but I believe I learned more new things reading this chapter than all of the others combined. Probably because I was particularly ignorant of the subject before I started. As I’ve stated before I am not a hardware guy. Scarily enough I have been responsible for multiple servers and choosing the storage used for SQL server databases without really knowing what I was using. I stuck to typical set ups and got advice when I needed it. When that wasn’t enough I brought in someone I trusted to take over and figure it out for me. It worked out well for the most part and I knew enough to swap out a failed drive when I needed to on a RAID 5. After reading Mr. Cherry’s chapter on storage I believe I could hold my own in a conversation with the operational DBA’s and the SAN administrators. The chapter starts out with a discussion of the different RAID types.

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