Living The SQL Life, September 2014 Edition

Saturday September 6th: SQL Saturday #320 in Raleigh, NC


Saturday September 13th: SQL Saturday #300 in Kansas City, MO


Tuesday September 16th: PASSMN September MeetingMSPASSMNLogo

Wednesday September 24th: Presenting at MADPASS in Madison, WI



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I Hope You Are Happy – T-SQL Tuesday #41

This month’s host for T-SQL Tuesday is Bob Pusateri (B|T) and he has a very timely question for those of in the SQL community here in the Midwest. As I mentioned in my last post I will be presenting three times this month and there is also the PASS Business Analysis Conference in Chicago this week. With all of that great SQL knowledge being shared, Bob has asked us to talk about why we do what we do. Why do we enjoy presenting so much?

There is a factoid that people like to throw out all the time about how people fear public speaking more than death. So why would I and my fellow SQL Speakers choose to get up and present to a live studio audience? For most of us we are volunteering our time so it can’t be for the wealth. It might be a little bit for the fame, but if adulation from the masses is what you seek there is probably a better path. That leaves happiness as the last big motivator and in a round about way I think that might be the answer. I present because it makes me happy.

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Living The SQL Life, Winter 2013 Edition

End of last year: I switched to the consulting world and I am now an Information Management Consultant at Digineer.


Earlier this year : As of January 1, 2013 I was assigned the role of Director of Program Development for the PASSMN Board. We’re looking for a few good SQLGeeks to present.

On Saturday April 6th: I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #206 in Madison, WI.


On Saturday April 11th: I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #211 in Chicago, IL.


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Living The SQL Life, Fall 2012 Edition

Last month: I published an article on SQLServerPro called Combining CDC and SSIS for Incremental Data Loads.

This Saturday 9/29: I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #149 in my own Twin Cities.

Friday 10/19: SQL Friends with Dan English (B|T)  at the Edina Grill.


Next Month : I am Running for the PASSMN Board. Vote for Mike! You know if we have to vote or anything.

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