All the Cool Kids Keep Enthusiasm Rationed

I started to write my normal SQL Life blog post about what I am doing in the next couple of months and I was going to casually add a bullet point about speaking at the 2014 PASS Summit (see the badge over to the right?)

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Today’s Topic is SQL Saturday

As a part of the PASSMN Board I spend a lot of time talking about SQL and a lot of time talking about talking about SQL. (Trust me that is a real sentence.)

Each month at our user group meetings we have someone present on something that relates to our careers as SQL Server professionals and each year we host a SQL Saturday where we usually have at about 35-40 different people present. We are lucky in the Twin Cities because it isn’t usually hard to fill those spots. We have a lot of people involved in our community and many people who enjoy speaking or at least see the value in it.

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