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SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2, Chapter 8

Page Restores – by Gail Shaw (B|T)

Although performing page restores isn’t likely to be something that has to be done on a regular basis, anyone working with large databases should at least be familiar with the technique and requirements in case page restores should become necessary. – SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, chapter 8

So far the chapters in Deep Dives 2 have been about design and theory of how databases should be set up. There has been some practical advice and even some tools provided by the authors for accomplishing the concepts they describe, but Gail Shaw’s chapter on Page restores is the first one in the book that provides an end to end solution for a single task. Which is to say, I loved it. I have never had the occasion to perform a page restore, but after reading this chapter I know I have the steps to perform this task at my fingertips. Continue reading