Excelling at Dashbaords

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2, Chapter 58

Excel as a BI frontend tool – by Pedro Perfeito (Blog|Twitter)

No matter how good and sophisticated a BI tool is, business users will invariably export data to Excel. – Chapter 58, SQL Server MVP Deep Dives V2

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Fun with SQL, Excel, and Powershell

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2, Chapter 10

Discover your servers with Powershell and SMO – by Joe Webb (B|T)

I’m finally back to my chapter reviews and I restarted with a fun one. I know enough to be dangerous with powershell, but I don’t use it enough to keep it fresh in my brain. Right off I liked the idea of this chapter because I got to play with scripting and do something a little different (at least for me). I know there are other ways of gathering this type of data us ing T-SQL (Brent Ozar’s sp_blitz being the first one that comes to mind), but I haven’t done it with powershell before and I certainly never used powershell with Excel before.

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