Reinventing the SQL Monitor

SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2, Chapter 12

Build your own SQL Server 2008 performance dashboard – by Pawel Potasinski (Blog|Twitter)

For this chapter Pawel Potasinski has done exactly what the title suggests. He lays out the steps to create a simple performance dashboard for SQL Server. He specified the version in his chapter title, but he clarifies that these steps can be “implemented on SQL Server 2005 and later (where CLR, DMV’s and SSRS are available).” That one sentence sort of gives away his whole strategy. He shows how to use a Common Language Runtime (CLR) function to get at operating system performance counters. He then combines this with SQL Server Performance counters from the dm_os_perfornamce_coutners DMV and uses a SSRS report to display them both.

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