Living The SQL Life, September 2014 Edition

Saturday September 6th: SQL Saturday #320 in Raleigh, NC


Saturday September 13th: SQL Saturday #300 in Kansas City, MO


Tuesday September 16th: PASSMN September MeetingMSPASSMNLogo

Wednesday September 24th: Presenting at MADPASS in Madison, WI



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Living The SQL Life, Winter 2013 Edition

End of last year: I switched to the consulting world and I am now an Information Management Consultant at Digineer.


Earlier this year : As of January 1, 2013 I was assigned the role of Director of Program Development for the PASSMN Board. We’re looking for a few good SQLGeeks to present.

On Saturday April 6th: I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #206 in Madison, WI.


On Saturday April 11th: I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #211 in Chicago, IL.


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Glass Half Full

It is easy to complain about our jobs. Spend enough time doing something and it just can’t be wonderful all the time or probably even most of the time. Hopefully it is good some of the time or at least enough that you don’t hate getting up every day. I may not have found my dream job yet, but there are definitely things I enjoy about where I work.

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Are You Missing LinkedIn?

I’m late to the game with Meme15, but when I saw this month was going to be about LinkedIn I was glad to join in on the conversation.  In my experience LinkedIn is sort of the step-child of the social media world; the slightly standoffish, well-behaved step child who has a really good job. Which is what LinkedIn is about, jobs and careers. It is the place to be for professional networking and I lived there 24/7 for a couple of weeks back in October 2011 after getting laid off. Continue reading