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All the Cool Kids Keep Enthusiasm Rationed

I started to write my normal SQL Life blog post about what I am doing in the next couple of months and I was going to casually add a bullet point about speaking at the 2014 PASS Summit (see the badge over to the right?)

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Living The SQL Life, September 2014 Edition

Saturday September 6th: SQL Saturday #320 in Raleigh, NC


Saturday September 13th: SQL Saturday #300 in Kansas City, MO


Tuesday September 16th: PASSMN September MeetingMSPASSMNLogo

Wednesday September 24th: Presenting at MADPASS in Madison, WI



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PASSMN September 2014 Meeting


Next Tuesday (9/16) is the September meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). Our main presenter this month is the Paula Merns. Paula will be expanding on her checklist presentation from last December and showing us how she uses checklists as a database professional. In addition to the main topic we will have a short presentation on using XML functions to create correlated lists by Riley Major.

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The Cost of Azure SQL Database

[This is part Ten of Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


If Microsoft is good at nothing else they are geniuses when it comes to creating complicated licensing and billing. They have decided to apply their talents to the billing for Azure SQL database. I realize that they have done their homework and the market will probably support the pricing tiers they created, but they also created a change in how new customers will decide to apply SQL Database. The biggest change is that you used to pay for the amount of data you were storing and now you a pay a set fee per database. You decide how much you want to pay based less on the amount of data and more on the performance you hope to get. Read more…

SQL Azure Database has No Encryption In Place

[This is part Nine of Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


Currently there is no way to encrypt at rest data in Azure SQL Database. The data in the pipeline is encrypted using SSL, but if you want to obscure the data in the database there is no mechanism for this. As for encrypting the database files themselves I’m not even sure this makes sense given the platform as a service configuration. While I do know that some companies have used the lack of column level encryption as an excuse not to move to SQL Database I don’t think most will even notice. Read more…

Making Some Noise with Azure SQL Database

[This is part Eight of  Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


The concept of a noisy neighbor is not unique to Azure SQL Database, but in cloud computing it is the term used to describe a customer monopolizing the resources and degrading the performance for other customers. Of all the items that out of your control this one tops the list. It doesn’t mean you should rule out SQL Database, but it does need to be considered. Read more…

PASSMN August 2014 Meeting


Next Tuesday (8/19) is the August meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). Our presenter this month is the Ross McNeely (twitter | blog). Ross will be presenting a Spatial Data Deep Dive going over Spatial Data types, the Bing Spatial Data Services, and Spatial Analysis. It is a topic I haven’t taken much time to dig into, but it seems like almost every company I have worked at has some sort of geospatial data.

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Today’s Topic is SQL Saturday

As a part of the PASSMN Board I spend a lot of time talking about SQL and a lot of time talking about talking about SQL. (Trust me that is a real sentence.)

Each month at our user group meetings we have someone present on something that relates to our careers as SQL Server professionals and each year we host a SQL Saturday where we usually have at about 35-40 different people present. We are lucky in the Twin Cities because it isn’t usually hard to fill those spots. We have a lot of people involved in our community and many people who enjoy speaking or at least see the value in it.

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Azure SQL Database is Use-less

[This is part Seven of Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


That never gets old.

While I enjoy the play on words, this just means that the USE statement is not allowed in Azure SQL Database. Three part naming ([ServerName].[DatabaseName].[ObjectName]) is not valid either. You can only run queries in the context of the database you are connected to, which will need to be considered during solution design.
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Azure SQL Database is Native Only

[This is part Six of Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


Security is annoying. Sometimes it can be a fun puzzle to figure out the best way to align what applications and users should be able to access. However, as soon as you have all of the groups and roles set up perfectly and your database is secure, but usable, you have to change it. Now imagine trying to set that up without Windows authentication as part of the equation. Read more…