Glass Half Full

It is easy to complain about our jobs. Spend enough time doing something and it just can’t be wonderful all the time or probably even most of the time. Hopefully it is good some of the time or at least enough that you don’t hate getting up every day. I may not have found my dream job yet, but there are definitely things I enjoy about where I work.

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Addicted to Blog

Hi my name is Mike and I  spend a lot of time reading blogs. Maybe I read too many blogs, but they have such good information I can’t help myself. It started when I was a young developer and I discovered some hip views being shared on Blog Spot. (I’m talking old school blogspot before Google owned it.) At first it was just for recreation, but eventually I started reading more and more blogs for work. I would spend hours on SQL Server Central and then I started to realize many of these people had their own blogs that I could read. Before you know it I was using RSS so I could get my fix even faster. Continue reading

Facing Facts About Facebook

My direct answer to this months question of managing mixing work, friends, and family on Facebook is simple. I don’t mix them.

I lead a divided online life. I have my work life, SQL Server, Twitter friends, work friends, and work blogs that I follow. I also have a Facebook account that I use to follow and share things with my family and non-work friends. Sometimes they overlap a little, but for the most part I keep them separate. I am not Facebook friends with any one that I work with. I will sometimes share things about my work life on Facebook, but only if I think it will interest people (or I am trying to promote my blog.)

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Are You Missing LinkedIn?

I’m late to the game with Meme15, but when I saw this month was going to be about LinkedIn I was glad to join in on the conversation.  In my experience LinkedIn is sort of the step-child of the social media world; the slightly standoffish, well-behaved step child who has a really good job. Which is what LinkedIn is about, jobs and careers. It is the place to be for professional networking and I lived there 24/7 for a couple of weeks back in October 2011 after getting laid off. Continue reading