SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2 Edited by Kalen Delaney (B|T)

Part 1 Architecture Edited by Louis Davidson (B|T)

1 Where are my keys? Ami Levin  (B|T)

2 “Yes, we are all individuals” A look at uniqueness in the world of SQL Rob Farley  (B|T)

3 Architectural growth pains Chris Shaw  (B|T)

4 Characteristics of a great relational database Louis Davidson  (B|T)

5 Storage design considerations  Denny Cherry  (B|T)

6 Generalization: the key to a well-designed schema  Paul Nielsen  (B|T)

Part 2 Database administration Edited by Paul Randal (B|T) and Kimberly Tripp  (B|T)

7 Increasing availability through testing  Allan Hirt  (B|T)

8 Page restores by Gail Shaw (B|T)

9 Capacity planning Greg Larsen (B|T)

10 Discovering your servers with PowerShell and SMO Joe Webb  (B|T)

11 Will the real Mr. Smith please stand up? John Magnabosco (B|T)

12 Build your own SQL Server 2008 performance dashboard Pawel Potasinski (B|T)

13 SQL Server cost recovery Peter Ward (B|T)

14 Best practice compliance with Policy-Based Management Rod Colledge (B|T)

15 Using SQL Server Management Studio to the fullest Rodney Landrum (B|T)

16 Multiserver management and Utility Explorer—best tools for the DBA Satya Shyam K Jayanty (B|T)

17 Top 10 SQL Server admin student misconceptions Tibor Karaszi (B|T)

18 High availability of SQL Server in the context of Service Level Agreements  Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski (T)

Part 3 Database development Edited by Paul Nielsen (B|T)

19 T-SQL: bad habits to kick Aaron Bertrand (B|T)

20 Death by UDF Kevin Boles (T)

21 Using regular expressions in SSMS John Paul Cook  (B)

22 SQL Server Denali: what’s coming next in T-SQL Sergio Govoni (B|T)

23 Creating your own data type Hugo Kornelis (B|T)

24 Extracting data with regular expressions Matija Lah (B)

25 Relational division Peter Larsson  (T)

26 SQL FILESTREAM: to BLOB or not to BLOB Ben Miller (B|T)

27 Writing unit tests for Transact-SQL Luciano Moreira (B|T)

28 Getting asynchronous with Service Broker Mladen Prajdic  (B|T)

29 Effective use of HierarchyId Denis Reznik (B|T)

30 Let Service Broker help you scale your application Allen White

Part 4 Performance tuning and optimization Edited by Brad M. McGehee (B|T)

31 Hardware 201: selecting and sizing database server hardware Glenn Berry (B|T)

32 Parameter sniffing: your best friend…except when it isn’t Grant Fritchey (B|T)

33 Investigating the plan cache Jason Strate (B|T)

34 What are you waiting for? An introduction to waits and queues Robert Pearl (B|T)

35 You see sets, and I see loops Linchi Shea (B|T)

36 Performance-tuning the transaction log for OLTP workloads Brad M. McGehee  (B|T)

37 Strategies for unraveling tangled code Jennifer McCown  (B|T)

38 Using PAL to analyze SQL Server performance Tim Chapman (T)

39 Tuning JDBC for SQL Server Jungsun Kim (B|T)

Part 5 Business intelligence Edited by Greg Low

40 Creating a formal Reporting Services report part library Jessica M. Moss (B|T)

41 Improving report layout and visualization Greg Low (B|T)

42 Developing sharable managed code expressions in SSRS William (Bill) Vaughn

43 Designing reports with custom MDX queries Paul Turley

44 Building a scale-out Reporting Services farm Edwin Sarmiento (B|T)

45 Creating SSRS reports from SSAS Robert Cain (B|T)

46 Optimizing SSIS for dimensional data loads Michael Coles (B)

47 SSIS configurations management Andy Leonard (B|T)

48 Exploring different types of enumerators in the SSIS Foreach Loop container Abolfazl Radgoudarzi and Shahriar Nikkhah (B|T)

49 Late-arriving dimensions in SSIS John Welch

50 Why automate tasks with SSIS? Ted Krueger (B|T)

51 Extending SSIS using the Script component Tim Mitchell (B|T)

52 ETL design checklist Rafael Salas (B|T)

53 Autogenerating SSAS cubes Johan Åhlén (B|T)

54 Scripting SSAS databases – AMO and PowerShell, Better Together Darren Gosbell (B|T

55 Managing context in MDX Boyan Penev (B|T)

56 Using time intelligence functions in PowerPivot Thiago Zavaschi

57 Easy BI with Silverlight PivotViewer Gogula Aryalingam (B|T)

58 Excel as a BI frontend tool Pedro Perfeito (B|T)

59 Real-time BI with StreamInsight Allan Mitchell (B|T)

60 BI solution development design considerations Siddharth Mehta (B|T)