So Far, So Good



Week six of Code Chrysalis is over. The highlight of this week was going to Pivotal Labs in Tokyo and getting to learn their style of agile design called Lean XP.

In addition each student also created an MVP* of an application in two days. We started by brainstorming ideas and then each turned an idea into reality. If you are looking for a good book to read check out my MVP app, What The Heck Should I Read.

The opportunity to learn about development processes from a Pivotal product manager and designer was amazing and unique. Most of what I know about agile development was learned the same way a lot of developers pick up a new programming language that they need to understand just enough to debug something. This was a two day course on the parts of Agile that I wish I’d known ten years ago.

Coming into the immersive program I knew that there would be a switch at the half way point. From the CC website:

The first six weeks of the course feels like you are running at full-speed while we bring you full-stack.

The next six weeks are focused on using your new skills to build projects in repetition and learn how to rapidly consume even more new languages and technologies.

Instead of discussing the feels I have at reaching the midway point I am just going to list all of the things I have learned about in just six weeks.

JavaScript, Pair Programming , Virtual DOM, React, Redux, Vue, Lean Startup, Extreme Programming, Angular, D3.js, Github, Heroku, Node.js, Express, Postgresql, knex.js, ES6 , Test Driven Development, Nihongo, JavaScript, Data Science life cycle, VSCode , Prettier, ESLint, Mocha, Chai, Webpack, public speaking, Big O complexity, yarn, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, 12 Factor Applications, Japanese history, Startups in Tokyo, docker, JSON, SVGs, Asynchronous Programming, empathy, humility, Artificial Intelligence, collaboration, communication, Slack, algorithms, and JavaScript.

The program is always evolving so your milage may vary if you were not in CC4 and there is a good chance I left something off of the list.

*Minimally Viable Product

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