West Bound and Down


Week five of Code Chrysalis has come to and end. We started the week by learning a new JavaScript framework, Vue, and and then formed small teams to work on a larger project together. The project was almost incidental, the real goal was to learn how to share and deploy our code without tripping over each other.

Which doesn’t mean the project was inconsequential or easy, just not important. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the web application we built, but I will say it involved learning more about truck stops than I ever thought I would know.

In the last three days I have flipped from being totally lost to riding high on accomplishment and back again within the space of hours. I have been unsure about my place on the team and at other times been the leader. I have both helped our planning strategy and not understood our direction. I have stared at a blinking cursor and spent hours in the flow of writing code.

I had more fun doing this project than I would have believed and I owe that to my teammates. When I was flummoxed, they were calm. And when I was able to contribute, they let me. I probably spent too much time working on the backend data and API route of our application because that is where I was comfortable, but we forced ourselves to Pair Program on pieces of the backend and the frontend.

After two+ days of working in the classroom our team decided to meet on Saturday off-site. We ended up at the Yahoo Lodge, a free open collaboration work space provided by Yahoo Japan. It was a great place to work with free WiFi, white boards, and a Family Mart on the first floor. We arrived at 10am and ended up staying until they closed at 9pm. Eleven hours has never seemed so short.

Our application isn’t perfect (I am not even sure we can say it is done yet), but it is a Minimal Viable Product and we will have something to show on Monday for our efforts.

10-7, Good Buddy.

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