T-SQL Tuesday #065 – Teach Something New

 I’ve been writing T-SQL Tuesday posts for years and it is pretty cool to be hosting this month. I don’t make it every month, but that is one of the great things about T-SQL Tuesday – if you miss it there is another one coming up quickly. I debated what the topic should be for some time and I was really leaning towards something on the cloud or PowerShell, maybe PowerShell in the Cloud, or perhaps some Cloudy PowerShell, but after Ed Leighton-Dick (B|T) announced his new blogger challenge I didn’t want to limit the options for all of these new contributors. The topic this month is straight forward, but very open ended. You must learn something new and then write a blog post explaining it. One of the reasons I present and blog is because it forces me to really learn a subject if I am going to explain it to someone else. I am now giving all of you that same opportunity.  You’re welcome.

I considered limiting this to just T-SQL, but that seemed….limiting. It just has to be something SQL related and also small enough that you can explain in a single blog post. Maybe a T-SQL command or DMV you have been meaning to learn more about or an SSIS component or PowerShell commandlet you’ve never used before. Try not to make it too theoretical I want some code snippets or screen shots. OK. We’ll meet back here on the internets in a week and all have some new knowledge.


If this was a commercial this would be the part the lawyers make me say:

T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly block party for bloggers started by the renowned Adam Machanic (B|T). The community has been doing this monthly blog party for quite some time now and it is a great way for new bloggers to contribute and to get interesting conversations going. All you have to do is follow these simple rules.

  1. Your post must go live between 00:00:00 GMT on Tuesday April 14 and 00:00:00 GMT on Wednesday April 15.
  2. Your post has to link back to the hosting blog post, and the link must be anchored from the T-SQL Tuesday LOGO (found above) which must also appear at the top of the post.
  3. Trackbacks might work but you can also leave a comment, but definitely tweet about your post and include the #tsql2sday hashtag (you can optionally add my twitter handle @SQLMD)

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