PASSMN December 2014 Meeting


Next Tuesday (12/16) is the December meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). We are doing something different this month. Instead of doing a single presentation by one person we are going to have several local SQL people debate some SQL-related topics. the catch is none of us will know what the topics are ahead of time. We are calling it, SQL Improv: Who’s Line is it anyway? Or at least I am calling it that. Come watch me think on my feet along with Jason Strate, Mark Vaillancourt, Paul TimmermanDave Valentine, Ben Thul, and Jim Dorame. It is sure to be fun and if we do it right you might even learn something along the way.

Before we show a presentation where the topics are made up and the points don’t matter there are a few things to tell you about in the world of PASSMN.

The make up of the PASSMN Board has been decided for 2015

  • Board Chair – Rick Krueger (B|T)
  • Director of SQL Saturday – Jennifer McConnell (T)
  • Director of Corporate Development  – Jim Dorame (B|T)
  • Director of Program Development – Dave Valentine (B|T)
  • Director of Membership/Treasurer – Ben Thul (B|T)
  • Director of Technology – Riley Major (T)
  • Microsoft Representative – Mike Fulkerson

It’s a pretty great team assembled for the next year and after having lunch with them this week I know they are all excited to continue keeping PASSMN active and interesting. It takes some extra work for us to transition our board every two years, but it is worth it when I see the new ideas and fresh enthusiasm being introduced to the group leadership – and 2015 hasn’t even started yet.

We are giving you these topics for free

For our PASSMN meetings we have often had a short presentation at the beginning followed by a longer presentation. But not as often as we would have liked. When we ask new people about presenting the conversation usual turns to figuring out what they might talk about. In 2015 we will be striving to include a short presentation each month focused on one of the many free tools available for SQL Server. Dave Valentine will start us off in January with a brief overview of Bids Helper, a Visual Studio enhancement for SSIS and SSAS development.

Hope to see you next week at the PASSMN meeting. We will be raffling off another of the awesome SQL Sat MN shirts and a 2TB external hard drive.


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