Winds in the East (T-SQL Tuesday #61)

This month’s host for T-SQL Tuesday is Wayne Sheffield (blog|twitter). Since it is the season of giving he has asked the #sqlfamily to write about how we plan to give back to the SQL community in the coming year.

Because my term on the PASSMN board is ending I may actually end up giving a little less of my time to the SQL Community next year, but there is at least one new development I am excited to share.

[UPDATE: I ended up moving to Japan and this never happened, but if I get back to MN I will pursue it again.]

I will continue to give back by offering to present at user group meetings and at SQL Saturdays and I will probably volunteer to help at some of those SQL Saturdays, but the big new thing for me in 2015 will be helping to start up a second meeting place and time for PASSMN members. For years PASSMN has met consistently on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 4-6pm at the Microsoft Technology center in Edina, MN. We have by no means outgrown that location, but we do get some comments from our members that it is a long drive and I’ve talked to several people who just can’t make it on Tuesdays. I’ve already got a potential sponsor lined up but, we are still looking for a space on the East side of the Twin Cities. If you know of a company or community location on that side of the cities that could host us please get in touch. We picked the East side because Edina is on the Minneapolis side of the Mississippi river and also the people interested in this so far (myself included) are from that side of the Cities. I’m not looking to create a divided group and I will probably go to both locations, but it will be nice to have options.

The first East side PASSMN will hopefully be in April and we’ll get the word out through PASSMN’s communication channels (newsletter, Twitter, etc.). We’ll meet quarterly for the first year and if it is popular we might change that to bi-monthly or monthly the following year. This project is still developing so watch this blog for more information and let me know if you want to help us get this up and running.

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