PASSMN November 2014 Meeting


Today (11/18) is the November meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). Our presenter this month is Microsoft SQL Server MVP Paul Timmerman (T). Paul is presenting on how SQL Server Database Snapshots will make our lives easier. I learned a ton when he presented on Read Committed Snapshot Isolation level last year so I expect to gain some knowledge tonight (evidently Paul only presents sessions with the word snapshot in them).

Before we let Paul isolate our snapshots there are a few things going on in the world of SQL Server to tell you about.

This Saturday (11/22) is SQL Saturday Winnipeg. There are a bunch of PASSMN people headed up to the Great White North to share some SQL knowledge and we are not sorry about it. It’s a quick drive up and there is going to be curling at the after party. Curling, people. I think they still have some room left if you want to join us.

On Thursday December 2nd The MN Microsoft BI User Group is meeting. Joe Berg and Matthew Lawrence will present a session on the new Machine Learning product in Azure and the second talk is on SSAS extended events presented by Prashant Toila and SQL Server MVP Mark Vaillancourt (B|T). Slalom Consulting will be hosting a happy hour afterwards at Pinstripes in Edina.

PASSMN Board elections. The way things have worked out this year we will not be having elections. We have ended up with four open spots and four candidates. Please welcome Jim Dorame (B|T), Dave Valentine (B|T), Ben Thul (B|T), and Riley Major (T) to the PASSMN Board. They will begin their term in January of 2015.

Hope to see you at the PASSMN meeting tonight.


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