International Man of SQL

sqlsat350_webI can’t remember when I first started hearing about SQL Saturday Winnipeg – it may have been last year at the PASS Summit 2013. I work at the same company as Mark Vaillancourt (B|T) who is the PASS Regional mentor for Canada and he asked if I would be up for a trip north at some point to share some SQL knowledge with Canadians. I’ve never been to Canada which is hard to believe when it is just a short 8 hour drive to Winnipeg (or possibly 2 days depending on weather). I said yes and I even agreed to help with the planning. I may have over extended myself on that second part because I have found it difficult to contribute much from 500 miles away – perhaps it is the language barrier.I will be presenting my session on TSQL-Refactoring called Twice in a Lifetime . It will be my last presentation for 2014 and even though I’ve given this talk 4 times already I promise not to make this one the same as it ever was.

There will be a bunch of Americans invading this event from the Twin Cities and I know that we will be treated well. I am excited to go Curling for the first time and maybe even stop at a Tim Horton’s. If you are within driving distance of Winnipeg and work with SQL or the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack SQL Saturday Winnipeg is the place to be on November 22nd. A day of free training and great networking with SQL Server experts. Hope to see you there, eh?


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