All the Cool Kids Keep Enthusiasm Rationed

I started to write my normal SQL Life blog post about what I am doing in the next couple of months and I was going to casually add a bullet point about speaking at the 2014 PASS Summit (see the badge over to the right?)

Then I remembered that one of the advantages of being a geek is that you get to geek-out on things that excite you. These days my casual clothes consist primarily of SQL Saturday Speaker shirts and SQL Server T-shirts from past events. I read books on SQL Server during my free time and I even have a birthmark shaped like a recursive CTE. Without a doubt I am a huge SQL Geek and the biggest event for SQL Server geeks is the PASS Summit.  I’ve been presenting at SQL Saturdays for the last three years and I have submitted to the PASS Summit each year as well. I submitted again this year without much hope. Near the end of June I found out I was speaking and I shouted,


, but, you know, just in my head, because I was at work. It was pretty much all I talked about for the first week after they announced the speaker selection. I had many conversations (mostly one-sided as time went on) that started with, “Did you hear I got picked to speak at the Summit?” For the first several weeks I would lie awake imagining my presentation up on a huge stage with a headset microphone, one of those cool laser-clicky-things, and maybe a black turtleneck. I found ways to steer conversations to the topic of public speaking and was mildly obnoxious about the whole thing – at least with friends and family. I mostly kept my cool in the workplace, but did manage to let it slip a couple of times – all the while sporting a big goofy grin. If it isn’t clear I am very excited about getting picked to present at the Summit.

OK. If I haven’t already cornered you and told you in person, I will be presenting a session called Twice in a Lifetime: T-SQL Refactoring 101 at the 2014 PASS Summit. And while this session isn’t as inherently geeky as the Ghostbusters themed session on FileStream I submitted last year (Don’t Cross the FileStreams: It would be Bad) it was a lot of fun to write my Talking Heads infused abstract. Whenever I present I am filled with a combination of dread and excitement that I am sure will be multiplied at the Summit. It will be my first time on a national stage and I have two goals – make sure the attendees learn something and to not screw it up so that I get asked back again next year. I’ll let you know how it goes. I will be presenting at 1:30pm on Thursday Nov 6, if you are at the PASS Summit this year come by and check it out or maybe just wish me luck.



All the cool kids keep enthusiasm rationed
Right down to the last explosive ounce
But I’d rather indulge my many passions
Even if my squaritude is overly pronounced

The Nerd Anthem, by Marian Call


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