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Azure SQL Database is Native Only


[This is part Six of Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


Security is annoying. Sometimes it can be a fun puzzle to figure out the best way to align what applications and users should be able to access. However, as soon as you have all of the groups and roles set up perfectly and your database is secure, but usable, you have to change it. Now imagine trying to set that up without Windows authentication as part of the equation.

Of course like most things with Azure SQL Database this isn’t a fair comparison. The typical scenario for a SQL Database is as the back end of a web application. For this only a single connection is needed and a user or role can be added to allow only the access that the application requires. The downfall is that since this is not a trusted connection using windows authentication, the username and password have to be stored in the application config file. One solution is to encrypt the config file ensuring that the credentials are not stored in plain text. From a DBA perspective this moves the security out of our hands and into the hands of the developer and it also creates another level of complexity around securing the companies data.

With Azure offering Active Directory services and allowing creation of VPN’s to connect to on premises Active Directory I hope this is a limitation that eventually goes away.



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