PASSedMN July 2014 Meeting


Tuesday of this week (7/15) was the July meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). Our presenter this month was Mike Matthews (no twitter|no blog – someone should talk to him about this). Mike presented on SQL Server I/O. I didn’t get a blog post put out before the meeting to remind people, but I am hoping to have twelve posts for PASSMN for the year. I’ll just have to reflect on how the meeting went instead of announcing what it will be about.

We started the meeting with a missed connection with our monthly sponsor SIOS. They had set up a WebEx meeting to introduce themselves and their company, but the meeting link we had got canceled and by the time we had it figured out I had already made the decision to move ahead with our main presentation. If you are not familiar with SIOS, they are a unique company that provides server clusters in the cloud on windows and Linux. They have a great video that explains how it works –
SIOS delivers clusters your way. We hope to be able to introduce you to them at a future meeting and they will also be a sponsor at SQL Saturday in October.

After that rocky start Mike Mathews came in and delivered an excellent session on Analyzing your SQL Server I/O. I have seen Mike present before, but I forgot how well he does it. He conveys confidence in his subject matter and backs up all of his assertions with easy to follow demos.

As usual we shared some news of upcoming events at the meeting.

  • Keep an eye out for information on the next PASSMN meeting in Rochester, MN. It should be sometime in August. More details to come.
  • Kalen Delaney (twitter | blog) is coming out in October to giver her SQL Server Internals class. Kalen has written the book (several actually) on SQL Server Internals and will teaching a week long class from 10/13 – 10/17. Book now before it fills up – SQL Server 2012 Architecture, Internals, and Tuning. We are also talking to Kalen about speaking to the user group the week she is out here. We’ll announce an October meeting once we have all the details worked out.
  • Also in October (10/25) we will be having our local SQL Saturday. Be sure to register now and avoid the rush. It is a full day of free SQL Server training (there is a $10 fee for lunch). Our call for speakers is open until 8/26. If you are interested in speaking and have any questions feel free to ask anyone on the board. I’ve outlined how the submission process works here.
  • And in November (11/5-11/7)  is the international PASS Summit 2014. The Summit is returning to Seattle this year and it is the SQL Server event to go to for learning and networking. I will be presenting this year for the first time. Be sure to use the PASSMN chapter code when you register to save $150. When you use our code we get money back for the PASSMN group. $150 discount code = USNCS28

And the SQL conversation continued after the meeting when Mike went out with a few of us for a couple of beers. We had perfect weather for sitting out on the patio and I think we even managed to talk about a few things other than SQL.

Hope to see you at our August meeting (8/19) when Ross McNeely (twitter | blog) will take us on a deep dive into Spatial Data.


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