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10 Things I Hate About Azure SQL Database


Last Week at the PASSMN June meeting we did a series of lightning talks and my topic was, The Top 10 Things You Will Probably Hate About Microsoft Azure SQL Database.  (If someone from Microsoft is reading I want to go on record saying I also submitted a talk titled The Top 10 Things You Will Probably Love About Microsoft Azure SQL Database, but it didn’t get picked.) Which was a very long title to give me an excuse to rant for 10 minutes, because if I am honest when I say these are things you will hate they are really things that I hate. Maybe hate is a strong word, but it was already a long title so I didn’t want to replace the word hate with wish-were-somehow-different-or-pictured-differently-in-my-mind. Also when I said you in this context I really meant DBAs. And in my day-to-day job I am only a DBA about 50% of the time – so it is hard for me to really hate these things the way most DBAs would. It was a fun talk for me mostly because I decided to steal the automatic slide moving from the Ignite Minneapolis event I attended last week. They go for 5 minutes with one slide every 15 seconds (20 slides). I had 10 minutes and a top 10 list so I did the math and went for one slide every minute. [NOTE: I have since discovered that Ignite format is probably modeled on the Japanese PechaKucha rapid presentation format.]

While I really enjoyed the format of my talk I realized afterwards that some of my reasons to hate Azure SQL database deserve more than a minute. And since I have a blog I figured I would use it. Writing out sound reasoning for all 10 items in one sitting sounds daunting so my plan is a ten part series of short posts. Or eleven posts since I’m not actually telling you anything in this one.

Here is the list in full and as I write the rest of the entries I will link to them from here.


If this works out I will write up my list of top 10 Azure SQL Database Love items as well and then maybe I can convince Tracy (The Real SQL Guy) to let me share that presentation with the user group.



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