PASSMN February 2014 Meeting


Tomorrow (2/18) is the February meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). Our presenter this month is the Real SQL Guy, Tracy Mckibben (Blog|Twitter). He will be presenting on Subqueries for superheroes. He claims it is for T-SQL beginners, but I imagine most people in the audience will learn something about the “lowly subquery.”

In addition to Tracy’s talk we will also be letting people know about some of the many things going on the SQL and Data community.

This coming Saturday (2/22) is a unique event called CapitolCode – an open data jam. The MN Secretary of State is gathering people together to brainstorm ideas for using public data. The venue is open to anyone who is interested and I believe they are even going to provide lunch.

Our sponsor this month is Kroll Ontrack and in addition to talking about their company they will be telling us a bit about the focus group that took place this last Friday for their new backup product and to see if others may be interested in getting involved with the testing.

The SQL Plunge team is still looking to raise money for the Special Olympics by jumping in a frozen lake. They have some work to do to make their goal of $5000, but there is still a couple weeks left before the March 1st Polar Plunge. You can donate to their team here or take the plunge and start raising donations yourself.

I am pretty excited about this one – PASSMN is sponsoring two networking events in the next two months. Two chances to come hang out with SQL people and not worry about taking notes. On Tuesday, March 4th at 6:00pm we’ll do some SQLBowling at Sky Deck, Mall of America. And on Tuesday, April 1st at 6:00pm Pearson Vue has offered us the use of their offices in Bloomington to have a Tabletop gaming night – PASSMN vs Pearson developers.

The PASS Business Analytics Conference is coming up fast in San Jose, CA May 7-9. This is the second annual event that PASS has put together just for “learning about analyzing, managing and sharing business information and insights using the Microsoft Data Platform.” If you are interested in attending you can check out the website or ask around at the meeting. Be sure to use the PASSMN discount code when you register. You save $150 and we get part of that money back for our local chapter to pay for fun prizes and/or pizza. PASSMN BA Discount Code = BA2L8P.

Hope to see you at the meeting.


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