PASSMN January 2014 Meeting


Next Tuesday (1/21) is the January meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). It is my first meeting as the board chair so I am sure everything will run smoothly. Our presenter this month is Merrill Aldrich (Blog|Twitter).  Merrill has a great dry sense of humor and this month he is presenting on Storage Internals. Which is sort of burying the lead. Merrill wrote a visualization tool for SQL Server data files and he will show us “what happens in a data file when you convert a table from a heap to a clustered index!” and “fragmentation and the havoc wrought by Shrink!” I missed him when he gave this talk at our SQL Saturday event last fall so I am glad we got him to come in and show us at the user group meeting.

In addition to Merrill’s talk we also be letting folks know about a few things going on in the world of SQL Server.

Locally we have a group of brave souls doing the SQL Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics. I think they are crazy, but it is a good cause so I agreed that if they make their group goal of $5000 then I will jump in a freezing lake with them on March 1st. You can donate to their team here or take the plunge and start raising donations yourself.

Tracy McKibben (RealSQLGuy|Twitter) will reveal a new community project that is tentatively named “SQL Server Hotdish.”

Not so locally there is the 24 Hours of PASS: Business Analytics coming up on February 5th. It will be 12 hours of Business Analytics webcasts followed by 12 hours of on demand replay. Jason Strate (Blog|Twitter) will be representing Minnesota, presenting on Implementation and Design on the Parallel Data Warehouse in the eleventh hour (In this case the 11th hour is 8pm on Wednesday 2/5).

This is of course a lead up to the PASS Business Analytics Conference in San Jose, CA May 7-9. This is the second annual event that PASS has put together just for “learning about analyzing, managing and sharing business information and insights using the Microsoft Data Platform.” If you are interested in attending you can check out the website or ask around at the meeting. Be sure to use the PASSMN discount code when you register. You save $150 and we get part of that money back for our local chapter to pay for fun prizes and/or pizza. PASSMN BA Discount Code = BA2L8P.

And lastly, If you make it to the meeting be sure to stop by the sponsor table to thank Virtiva for feeding you this month and giving us the sponsorship we need to keep the group running.

You can RSVP for the meeting on EventBrite.


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