PASSMN December 2013 Meeting


Next Tuesday (12/17) is the December meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). I am excited about this meeting because we have five new speakers each presenting a 10-15 minute topic.

  • Ryan Snee (Blog|Twitter) will be presenting on why you sometimes have to shrink a database. (He is a very brave man.)
  • Maria Barnes (Blog|Twitter) will show the group some of her favorite techniques used in T-SQL procedures.
  • Paula Merns will tell us why Checklists only want to help.
  • Andy Bolk  (Twitter), a fellow Digineerian, will give a high level overview of Parameters in SSIS 2012.
  • And lastly Jennifer McConnell (Twitter) and Mark Classen (Twitter) will show DBAs a way to grant permissions that will make their lives easier. (I believe this will be a PASSMN first – having an engaged couple present together.)

In addition to all of this great knowledge we will be introducing the new PASSMN Board. If you haven’t already heard the board for 2014 will be: Shirley Morillo (Twitter) , William Weber (Blog|Twitter) , Tracy McKibben (Blog|Twitter) , Rick Krueger (Blog|Twitter) , Jennifer McConnell (Twitter) and myself. We have a great user group and this team should be able to build on the momentum from the last several years. I am looking forward to a fun and engaging PASSMN group next year.

And if all of that doesn’t encourage you to attend the December PASSMN meeting, we will also be raffling off a Microsoft Surface. I Hope to see you there.


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