Living The SQL Life, Fall 2012 Edition

Last month: I published an article on SQLServerPro called Combining CDC and SSIS for Incremental Data Loads.

This Saturday 9/29: I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #149 in my own Twin Cities.

Friday 10/19: SQL Friends with Dan English (B|T)  at the Edina Grill.


Next Month : I am Running for the PASSMN Board. Vote for Mike! You know if we have to vote or anything.

  • SQLServer Pro Article

Several months ago I sent some article ideas to SQL Server Magazine and was lucky enough to have them pick my idea for an article on the new CDC tasks in SQl Server 2012. Then I had to write it. If you have read any of the blog then you know my writing style is fairly loose. This was the first technical article I  have ever written and I was lucky to have a great technical editor and a content editor who worked with me to make sure I got things right. It took me a bigger time investment than I ever imagined – mostly due to my lack of experience, but I think it turned out pretty well. Even though writing this one article hasn’t given me the fame and fortune I imagined it was a great experience and I am already working on the next one. I have to confess that I was a little disappointed that in the months that it took me to write the article and get it properly edited SQL Server Magazine became SQL Server Pro and there is no longer a print version available. I am a big fan of going paperless, but it would have been cool to have a physical magazine with my byline in it.

  • SQL Saturday 149, Minneapolis

I did three SQL Saturday presentations in the spring including my first time ever in Madison, but I have not been very active over the summer. Now I am getting back behind the podium and I am more nervous than ever because this is my home town and many of the people in the audience know me. I’ll be presenting on Advancements in CDC with SQL Server Integration Services 2012, which is the same topic as my SQL Server Pro Article. I am excited to be a part of the volunteer committee this year (sort of) and I was put in charge of organizing lunch topics, which I very cleverly decided to call Topics-on-a-stick in honor of the great Minnesota State Fair. It’s been great helping out and getting to talk with a lot fo the speakers briefly about what topic they are doing. I feel like I am very much a part of this SQL Saturday, but it has been an easy task to put together.

  • SQLFriends Lunch, Minneapolis

It has been three months since the last SQLFriends lunch here in the Twin Cities. We had a great time talking with Jason Strate (B|T)  and some great food at Hells Kitchen (B|T). I had hoped to have another lunch in September, but decided that with SQL Saturday on 9/29 we could wait until October. On October 19th we will be meeting at the Edina Grill from 11:30-1:30. Dan English (B|@DanEnglishBI), SQL Server MVP,  has agreed to be our host this time around. I hope you will be able to join us. We do limit the seating so be sure and sign up now.

  • PASSMN Board Elections

I had been thinking about running for the board this year and when I got an email from the current Chair, Steve Hughes (B|T), I was decided. The election process is all shrouded in mystery so I am not sure what will happen next. This is because there hasn’t actually been elections before. Usually there are enough volunteers to fill the committee and the positions are decided among the committee. A small part of me is hoping that we have enough people to cause an election so that I can create negative campaign ads pointing out my rivals love of Oracle and MS Access. Realistically it looks like I have volunteered to be on the board next year, which should be pretty fun.


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