Living The SQL Life, May Edition

Today: Conference call Kick Off Meeting for the 2012 PASS Summit Program Committee.

Saturday 5/19: I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #119 in Chicago.

Friday 6/22: SQl Friends with Jason Strate (B|T)  at Hells Kitchen (B|T).

  • 2012 PASS Summit Program Committee

 I probably won’t be able to go to the PASS Summit this year (still working on some ideas; work is not covering the cost so it seems like a slim chance), but I was thrilled to learn that I could volunteer and help out remotely. For those considering bribery you can put away your checkbooks. I’ve been tapped to help proof read the Power Point presentations after the submissions have already been selected. The conference call was ealier today and when they did the roll call I was pretty happy to be included in a list with the other names I was hearing. This meeting was mostly to get everyone on the same page and introduce the team, but even from this little bit it sounds like the Summit this year will be better than ever.

  • SQL Saturday 119, Chicago

I had a great time presenting and attending SQLSat #118 in Madison last month and now I am looking forward to SQL Sat #119 in Chicago. I got to meet some amazing people in Madison and I know I will get to see a lot of them again in Chicago as well as meet some more SQL people who I only know on Twitter. The schedule for SQL Saturday Chicago is already up and there is an amazing line up (if I do say so myself). I am particularly excited about Rob Farley (B|T) being there. I’ll be looking for Rob, along with Allan Hirt (B|T), Kevin Boles (T), and Tim Chapman (T) to sign my copy of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2. This is going to be a great event and if you work with SQL Server at all and are in the Chicago area I think there is still time to register. The event is free, but there is a $10 charge for lunch. (They just announced what the lunch will be and it sounds delicious.)

  • SQLFriends Lunch, Minneapolis

Back in February I saw a tweet from Aaron Lowe (B |T) about a lunch in Chicago with Brent Ozar (B | T) and other SQL people. It was described as “an event where the whole point was to network and build [SQLFamily] relationships.” I seriously considered driving down to Chicago to be part of Aaron’s first SQL Friends lunch, as he was calling it. That wasn’t very realistic and I got busy and sort of forgot about it until a couple of months later he announced a second SQL Friends lunch, this time with  Ted Krueger (B |T). I really wanted to go to this one (and I still might if there are seats left), but more than that I wanted to have something like this here in the Twin Cities. I reached out to Aaron on his blog and then we traded some emails about franchising the concept. We traded some more emails about details of hosting a lunch and the result is that Minneapolis will be having our frist SQLFriends lunch on June 22nd,2012. Jason Strate (B|T) , SQL Server MVP and a Regional PASS Mentor, has agreed to be our host and promises to answer any questions you have for him SQL or otherwise. If you are in the Twin Cities head over and sign up for a great SQL Friends lunch at the infamous Hell’s Kitchen.


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