Someday I Will Speak at a SQL Saturday

This Saturday I will be giving my first ever SQL Saturday presentation. I am excited (and nervous) to be doing something that I would not have even considered two to three years ago. If you are in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend and want to learn about SQL Server for free there will be a lot of great speakers. There are diverse SQL topics ranging from First Contact with MDX  and Databases in the Cloud to How to Abuse T-SQL and Using SQL Window Functions. And if you are interested in learning about SSIS Configurations come listen to me at 8am. Since there are no breakfast pastries available for us this time around I will have Pop-Tarts for people who ask questions.

SSIS: Figuring Out Configuring

As with most things in the IT world there is more than one way to skin the SSIS configuration cat.* I’ll focus on SQL Server 2008 methods (being called Package Deployment method in SQL 2012) and show how to use 1)XML config files or 2)an environment variable or registry entry that points to a config database. I’ll also give a brief overview of the new project deployment method in SQL 2012. *[No cats were skinned in the making of this presentation.]


4 thoughts on “Someday I Will Speak at a SQL Saturday

  1. You will do well. So far, I have not seen an audience bring rotten veggies – so you are safe. Really, I can’t think of a better group than the SQL community to do a first time presentation for. Please keep us posted. Travel safe and have fun.

    1. Thanks. It is what I have seen in the SQLFamily that gave me the impetus to sign up in the first place. I will probably post next week with an update on how it went.

  2. Hi Mike – it was an excellent session!!! Wondering if you have any slides/codes uploaded somewhere to share?

    1. Thanks. Right now the slides are availale from the SQL Sat site. I’ll be adding them here soon and turning my demo into a readable format in the next few days.

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