Addicted to Blog

Hi my name is Mike and I  spend a lot of time reading blogs. Maybe I read too many blogs, but they have such good information I can’t help myself. It started when I was a young developer and I discovered some hip views being shared on Blog Spot. (I’m talking old school blogspot before Google owned it.) At first it was just for recreation, but eventually I started reading more and more blogs for work. I would spend hours on SQL Server Central and then I started to realize many of these people had their own blogs that I could read. Before you know it I was using RSS so I could get my fix even faster.

I follow a lot of great blogs and manage to read most of them or at least skim and mark things to read them later. I’ve tried to cull in the past, but when I drop someone I see a mention of them again a few weeks later and I usually subscribe again.This month’s Meme15 is to list ten blogs that SQL folks should be following, but might not be. There are a couple dozen blogs that I think are worth your time, but I managed to narrow it down and list only 11. [That’s right, this list goes to 11.]

In no particular order:

  • Born to Learn – This is the blog for Microsoft Learning and they are engaging not just the SQL community, but the Microsoft community. If you want to get certified or just learn about any new training material this is a blog you should follow.
  • The World According to Mitch – Mitch Garvis has great content on virtualization and careers in technology with a little bit of his life story thrown in.
  • Glenn Berry’s SQL Server Performance – The name of the blog says it all. In addition to frequent posts about hardware and SQL Server in general he posts his Diagnostic Information Queries for everyone to use one a month.
  • lifehacker – “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.” It’s not always about SQL
  • Chris Shaw’s Weblog – I first came across Chris in SQL Server MVP Deep Dives 2. After reading his essay on architectural growth pains I subscribed to his blog. Good information.
  • SQL Aloha – Brad literally wrote the book on being an Exceptional DBA.
  • SQL Rockstar – Thomas LaRock provides a great blend of technical and career focused content served with a side of Bacon.
  • LessThanDot – It no longer surprises me when I google a SQL question and end up at LessThanDot.
  • Strate SQL31 Days of SSIS. Enough said.
  • Brent Ozar: Technically Funny – This is Brent’s personal blog and there isn’t any nuts and bolts SQL stuff, but it is full of the thoughts and musings of someone who gets IT.
  • Rufus’s Food and Spirits Guide – Because man does not live by bread alone.

#Meme15 is a monthly blogging event set up by Jason Strate (B|T) to share how we use social networks to enhance our careers and professional development. The assignment for April was  – What are ten blogs that you think other SQL Server professionals should be following but might not be?


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