SQL Server, This Is What I Do

Today is the first monday of the Month which makes it Meme Monday. The assignment for March from SQL Rockstar is:

List out all the little things you do as a DBA, since the term DBA means so many different things in each shop.

I’m more of a Development DBA these days so I’m guessing my list will be quite different. Some of these may be specific to what I am working on now, but I think they are typical of how I spend my days. These are in no order of frequency of importance, but just as they came to mind.

  • Figure out how to connect to Oracle DB in SSIS
  • Troubleshoot SSIS package using Oracle connection
  • Wonder aloud for the 100th time why they decided to put the ODS in Oracle 
  • Write SSIS packages to load Data Warehouse
  • Write SSIS packages to load source data
  • Set up partitioning on Data Warehouse Fact tables
  • Go to Change Control meetings
  • Analyze queries for performance
  • Remove Select * from legacy queries that no one will admit they wrote
  • Update SSIS package that uses Web service because vendor has “updated” the service
  • Rewrite SSIS package that uses Web service because “update” in vendor speak actually means we bought a new program that does this for us.
  • Refresh my knowledge of XML to import information from web service
  • Go to Design meetings
  • Help Troubleshoot production issues with SQL Server
  • Read SQL server Blogs
  • Work with Architect to design new database objects
  • Assist with Migration from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008 (to 2012?)
  • Go to team meetings
  • Write conditional DDL scripts to add new database objects.
  • Investigate “data is wrong” issues
  • Play Settlers of Catan (We have a weekly game.)

I know it doesn’t sound too glamorous, but for the most part I enjoy figuring these things out. I could do with less meetings, but I’m guessing that is a universal tuth.


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