SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2

As the tagline of the blog suggests, I am still learning. I am smart and able to solve problems quickly, but my knowledge of SQL Server is entirely self-taught. I have never sat in a classroom learning about SQL Server, but I read a lot and I’m the master of the Google search. I learn quickly and I am a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for both SQL Server 2008 Database Development and SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance, but there are gaps in my knowledge. Also there are some things you only learn by doing. While I learn new things every day in my job as a Database Developer  this year I decided I would also pick a book and work my way through it trying to absorb as much as I could. As with a lot of people I learn a topic better if I explain it to others. For the rest of the year I will be reading one or two chapters a week in SQL Server MVP Deep Dives V2 and then posting about it here.

There are dozens of SQL Server Books on the market and soon to be more with the release of SQL Server 2012. Why did I choose Deep Dives?

For starters I like the idea of 60 different deep dives versus a single big one. The book has five different subtopics with anywhere from six to twenty chapters in each part. Sure I could learn a lot by reading an entire book about Database Design or SSAS, but it wouldn’t expose me to as many new things. With the Deep Dives I can always do more research on topics that interest me (I can dive even deeper).

However, the main reason for choosing Deep Dives is #SQLFamily.  There is a very rich Twitter/Blog/user group community of SQL Server people and many of the people I follow are MVPs who have written chapters in this book. I will never have time to consume all the great content these technologists have created, but by reading Deep Dives I can get a sampling from a lot of them. In addition to offering free advice about SQL Server and helping strangers solve arcane SQL problems #SQLFamily is also about giving back. SQL Server MVP Deep Dives V2, like the first volume, is a book that supports a charity. For this volume of the book all the MVP authors have donated their royalties to Operation Smile. I don’t know of any other technology community that has done a project like this and it adds an element to this blog that I really like. It is an easy way for me to be a part of that giving back.

The plan is to post every Tuesday and Thursday from now until the end of the year. However, the plan is flexible and if that isn’t working I may adjust up or down. Two posts a week will give me some room to write some posts that are not Deep Dive chapter reviews and shouldn’t kill me like posting every day would. This should also give me a chance to participate in things like #Meme15 and #TSQL2sday.

I’m trying to read the chapters as I go so that I don’t fill my brain too quickly, but after looking over the chapter topics I am not sure I will keep that rule. Last night as I read through the list of chapters I knew I was a true data geek because I am really looking forward to finding out what these SQL Server MVPs have to say about things like  “Discovering your servers with Powershell and SMO”, “Writing unit tests for Transact-SQL”,  and “SSIS Configurations Management.”

Chapter Zero SQL Server MVP:

The lead editor of the book, Kalen Delaney (B|T), has worked with SQL Server for nearly 24 years and has written about it for more than 20. In addition to writing deeply technical books such as Inside SQL Server and SQL Server 2008 Internals,she writes courseware and delivers advanced SQL Server training around the world. Find out more about Kalen’s writing and training on her website at www.SQLServerInternals.com Kalen has been invited by Microsoft to present special internal training on many occasions. She has spoken at Microsoft TechEd and presented at every PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) Summit since the organization’s inception. She is delighted that her love for SQL Server can once again be put to such good use in the publication of this second volume of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives. [Out on YouTube there is a great interview by Jennifer McCown wherein Kalen talks about working on both the Deep Dive Books and also about her love of Star Trek.]

If I have interested you in SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Volume 2 you can buy a copy at Manning Books. I don’t get anything out of it if you buy the book, but you might.


2 thoughts on “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Volume 2

    1. Thanks. So far I am enjoying it tremendously. I’ve learned a ton and I have only read the first five chapters.

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