The End of the Beginning


It is the last week of Code Chrysalis and the last two weeks have been spent working on our final team project. In addition to all of the things we learned during the first half of the course we learned several new things to complete our project including the Facebook Graph API, NYT Developer API, Python Requests-HTML library, and AWS Lambda functions. We also stretched some CSS and design muscles a bit.

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Uncomfortable Being Comfortable


For week nine and ten of Code Chrysalis the pace and focus have changed. I am now working on a final project with two of my classmates and we are using everything we learned in the course (and then some) to create an amazing web application which we will demo in two weeks. The experience has changed from an intensive learning environment and now feels more like going in to a job every day. A job that you really like.

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JavaScript As a Second Language


Week eight at Code Chrysalis was a little different.

Until this week, Javascript was the language we used to learn software engineering. It was picked for several reasons, but there has always been the understanding that we are learning how to program, not how to program in JavaScript. At the beginning of last week we were asked to pick a programming language other than JavaScript and create something. Until the day we picked our language I thought I might explore a language like Rust or Go, mostly because I knew very little about them, but in the end I went with PHP.

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West Bound and Down


Week five of Code Chrysalis has come to and end. We started the week by learning a new JavaScript framework, Vue, and and then formed small teams to work on a larger project together. The project was almost incidental, the real goal was to learn how to share and deploy our code without tripping over each other.

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