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PASSedMN July 2014 Meeting


Tuesday of this week (7/15) was the July meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). Our presenter this month was Mike Matthews (no twitter|no blog – someone should talk to him about this). Mike presented on SQL Server I/O. I didn’t get a blog post put out before the meeting to remind people, but I am hoping to have twelve posts for PASSMN for the year. I’ll just have to reflect on how the meeting went instead of announcing what it will be about.

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Azure SQL Database is not a Virtual Machine

[This is part Five of on Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


You will hate hearing this and you will hate saying this, but you will probably say it. It is a hard argument to go against for SQL Server DBA’s because it brings back almost all of the control that you lose by selecting Azure SQL database. Read more…

How to Submit to a SQL Saturday

Recently I have been encouraging some first time speakers to submit a session for SQL Saturday Mineesota #332. The usual first question is, “What should I talk about?” That’s not what this post is about. I may put something together on that later, but this is going to be a step by step instruction manual for how to submit a session. With screen shots and everything.


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SQL Azure Database is Always Updating

[This is part Four of a series on Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


“As of this presentation” or “As of this writing” are words you get used to saying if you talk about Azure SQL Database. For Example – as of this writing the version of Azure SQL database is

Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) – 11.0.9214.51  Jun 16 2014 21:09:51  Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation

I gave the lightning talk this blog series is based on a few hours before that update. I know this because I checked the version before I got up and talked in front of a live studio audience. I’m not 100% sure what was released with version 11.0.9214.51, but I was glad I didn’t have to figure it out a few minutes before my presentation.

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No Backups with Azure SQL Database

[This is part Three of on Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


If you ask any DBA what they check first when they inherit a new SQL Server they will probably answer, “Make sure the backups are running.” It’s drilled into us that the most important thing for a DBA is to make sure that no data is lost. Which is why one of the first things DBA’s notice about SQL Database is that you cannot run the statement BACKUP DATABASE. Read more…

DBA’s Have No Control Over Azure SQL Database

[This is part Two of a series on Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]


As DBA’s we like to have complete control over the data entrusted to us for our protection. We roll our eyes when we find the log files on the same volume as the data files and cringe when they are on the same volume as the operating system. We have tools that let us know how much memory we should allocate for SQL Server (all of it) and arguments with the SAN administrator to figure out where the I/O bottleneck is (on their end). DBAs like knowing that when it comes to the database the buck stops with them and while the 24/7 responsibility causes early hair loss and occasional ranting, we own it. We have control over how things work so we know we can fix it. When we start looking/are forced to look at cloud based solutions we start to lose that control.

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Azure SQL Database Isn’t Meant for DBAs

[This is part One of a series on Top 10 Things You Will Hate About Azure SQL Database]Top101

A couple of years ago I started looking into Azure SQL Database because I wanted to dip a toe into the Azure cloud and as a SQL Server professional Azure SQL Database seemed like a good place to start. I suppose I could have started with Azure Virtual Machines running SQL Server, but that didn’t seem any different from the virtual machines across town that I was already using to run SQL Server. Read more…

10 Things I Hate About Azure SQL Database

Last Week at the PASSMN June meeting we did a series of lightning talks and my topic was, The Top 10 Things You Will Probably Hate About Microsoft Azure SQL Database.  (If someone from Microsoft is reading I want to go on record saying I also submitted a talk titled The Top 10 Things You Will Probably Love About Microsoft Azure SQL Database, but it didn’t get picked.) Which was a very long title to give me an excuse to rant for 10 minutes, because if I am honest when I say these are things you will hate they are really things that I hate. Read more…

Speaking of Women

A few weeks ago PASSMN finalized the date for our SQL Saturday (October 25th, 2014). This means that we now have an official website for SQL Saturday #332 and opened up our call for speakers. This will be the 5th SQL Saturday that I will attend in Minnesota and the third one that I have been involved with the preparation. Last year I had the very fun task of selecting our speakers and organizing the schedule.  After looking at all of the abstracts and fitting them into slots on the schedule the hard part was deciding which sessions to attend. We are fortunate to have one of the larger SQL Saturday events (I expect we will go over 400 people this year) and as a result we get a lot of great sessions submitted. However…

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PASSMN June 2014 Meeting


Tomorrow (6/17) is the June meeting for the Minnesota chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASSMN). For June we are doing a lightning talk format that will include short talks from Paul Timmerman (blog|twitter), Rizwan Hassan (twitter), myself, and a short presentation from our sponsor this month, Kroll Ontrack, with an update on their SQL backup product. It is the first time I have presented at the user group since March of 2012 and I am looking forward to it.

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